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Our celebrities are our wonderful, loyal customers, the friends, the families and the kids, which have proved, in the last 31 years, to be the secret of our great success story.
The 'cult of personality and ambience' surrounding Ciro's Pomodoro is a perfect combination of Italian food, image and high energy, forming the nucleus of the success formula, creating the greatest asset to the organisation. The Ciro's Pomodoro' family work closely amongst each other in mutual support of the three pillars which ensure our growing success.

The Ciro's Pomodoro motto is and will always remain, 'Expect the unexpected'.
Remember we don't make the difference, we create the difference.

Our philosophy is simple, but then so are the important things in life...Try to love all those with whom you come into contact... good health, love and more love, and remember, leave it simple

!Live Music is supplied by Pomodoro Music, which has been established to co-ordinate availability of 30 to 40 bands to perform at all our locations around the world.

Duo Cover Bands required to perform in our overseas Ciro's Pizza Pomodoro locations in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai and Kiev. Soul/Dance/Charts or 'Gypsy King' style cover bands only.
Bands must have a full repertoire, live instrument and backing tracks.Must be quality, vibrant, high energy acts able to perform up to 4 setsper night (normally 3 sets are required).Most of our overseas locations also have a resident DJ.

Our aim is to get our customers off their chairs and onto the dance floor. We are not a background music restaurant however we are also not a rock venue.

We are a restaurant with club energy hence we require a lot energy from our performers as entertainers and not just good singers and musicians.

Minimum 1 month contracts abroad + return flights + accommodation + 2 meals per night. Rates depend on location.

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